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1014 Deigns of Dothan is fully dedicated to helping your business

It is more important than ever to stand out in the health and wellness market today. My desire to create authentic, memorable brands that would help businesses not just survive but thrive inspired me to enter this sector. Here's a deeper look into why my website exists, the problem it aims to solve, and my approach to solving it.

Fitness trainer with client- 1014Designs - Dothan

What's the purpose of this website?

My website was born from a passion for the health and wellness industry and a recognition of a common challenge: many businesses struggle to differentiate themselves. They have incredible stories and values but often fail to communicate them effectively, resulting in lost opportunities for connection and growth. My mission is to bridge this gap, helping businesses to not only define but also express their unique identity in a crowded marketplace.

I am here to help you

The primary issue at hand is the prevalence of generic branding within the health and wellness sector. Many businesses offer exceptional value but fall short of conveying their unique essence and connecting with their target audience. This disconnect can hinder engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, business growth. My goal is to address this by providing bespoke branding solutions that resonate deeply with both the business's values and its audience.

Customer communication is key-1014designs

How do my services help you?

What does "ten fourteen" mean?

In a quiet neighborhood, there was a house with the number 1014 on its door. This was more than just an address; it was a symbol of the values that shaped Kendrick Glover, the founder of 1014 Designs.

Raised in a home where trust, love, and dedication were the building blocks, Kendrick decided to name his business after this special place.

The name 1014 Designs stands as a testament to the honesty and trustworthiness that Kendrick brings to his clients, reflecting the principles instilled in him from a young age.