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Google Business Profile Management: Dothan's Secret to Winning SEO

What can Local SEOdo to increase sales?

Boost your local business's online presence with 1014Designs' expert Google page setup. Our tailored approach enhances your visibility, ensuring potential customers find you first. Experience the trust and credibility that come with a professional, optimized profile. Relax and watch your business thrive!


Crucial Information for Your Google Business Profile

Your profile contains lots of important information about your business, including:

  • Link to your website

  • Phone number (so people can contact you without going to your website)

  • Location information (your exact address is optional)

  • Product/service information

  • Much more

Maintaining a strong Google Business Profile demonstrates to both Google and searchers alike that you are a real business that keeps their profile up to date.

Google Business Profile Management with 1014 Designs

Google Business Profile Management is included in the Google Ads Managed solution. 1014 Designs may also provide profile management as a standalone solution.

1014 Designs: Boost Your Local Business with Google Business Pages

Set Up a Google Business Profile

To set up your Google Business Profile, 1014 Designs will:

  • Create Google business account

  • Add your products and services with an engaging description

  • Insert your amazing logo for the world to see

  • use local key words that will attract traffic

  • Insert an eye-catching cover image

  • Add a tantalizing business description

  • Add your business hours

  • Add your location information (showing your exact location is optional)

1014 Designs: Boost Your Local Business with Google Business Pages

Google Business Profile: Ongoing Optimization

Maintaining your Google Business Profile is crucial to staying at the top of Google search results. There are several techniques 1014 Designs uses to do this, including:

  • Respond to reviews in a professional tone

  • Add high-detailed pictures

  • Make sure your business is seen on multiple platforms, such as social media, search engines, maps and more

  • Add attractive posts

  • Add special promotional content as you make it available

  • Keep products, business information, and news letters up-to-date

  • Update hours, especially holiday hours

  • Performance reporting is done monthly to track your progress