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A personal message from our founder, Kendrick, awaits you.

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Confronting Branding Challenges Head-On:

  • Lackluster brand recognition

  • User experiences that deter rather than delight

  • Messaging that fails to resonate

  • Competitors who seem always be one step ahead

  • Marketing budgets that don't yield results

Partner with 1014 Designs and witness a transformation in how your brand is perceived.Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Craft a compelling visual identity that captures attention and invites engagement

  • Create a distinctive brand presence that sets you apart

  • Enhance your website's user experience for seamless customer journeys

  • Communicate your brand's ethos with authenticity and impact

  • Position your brand as a leader in the health and wellness sector

  • Optimize your marketing investment for maximum reach and effectiveness

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Make Your Mark

Don't settle for mediocrity. Elevate your brand with custom graphics that reflect your unique identity and build trust with your audience.

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Show You're the Real Deal

A professional website and logo set you apart, signaling to competitors and clients alike that you're serious about your business.

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Turn Browsers Into Buyers

Craft an unforgettable online experience that captivates visitors and converts their interest into commitment.

Kickstart Your Project in 3 Easy Steps

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Select Your Service

Choose the design service that meets your needs.


Convey Your Vision

Complete our questionnaire to detail your specific requirements.

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Engage With Our Team

 Discuss the particulars, and we'll get to work on bringing your vision to life.

We Offer Exacltly What You Need

Explore Our Services

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Basic Package: "Starter Brand Identity"

  • Includes: A basic logo design with 2-3 concepts and up to 2 rounds of revisions. A simple brand guide that covers logo usage, color palette, and primary typography. Ideal for solopreneurs or startups looking for a foundational brand identity.

  • Benefits: A cost-effective solution for new businesses to establish a professional appearance quickly.

1014 Designs

Standard Package: "Professional Brand Suite"

  • Includes: comprehensive logo design with 4-6 concepts and up to 4 rounds of revisions. An extended brand guide includes detailed logo usage, color palette, typography, iconography, and brand voice guidelines. Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses aiming for a cohesive brand identity across all touchpoints.

  • Benefits: Offers a more detailed and versatile brand identity system that supports growth and marketing efforts.

1014 Designs

Premium Package: "Elite Branding Experience"

  • Includes: Premium logo design service with 6–8 concepts and unlimited revisions. A detailed brand guide covering all aspects of the brand identity, including logo usage, color palette, typography, iconography, brand voice, and application mockups (e.g., business cards, website homepage). This package may also include initial marketing collateral designs and strategy consultation.

  • Benefits: Provides a comprehensive and bespoke brand identity system for businesses looking to stand out in competitive markets or those undergoing significant rebranding.

Buying printing & graphic design online has never been this easy!

Fast, Friendly, and Professional Graphic Design Services

For reliable printing services and fast turnaround, trust 1014 Designs for flyers, business cards, postcards, direct mail, posters, and more.

Customers can choose from many printing possibilities. From a single-color letterhead to a fully tailored magazine, our workflow approach ensures fast, high-quality output.

With the latest technologies and unique pre-press procedures, we can deliver same-day turnaround on a variety of printing items. Patented CCI quality technology produces near-perfect printing with little color variation and crisper images. A closed-loop color scanning spectrodensitometer improves print quality. The prepress department and presses are linked for consistent color control, from disk drives to ink and paper.

We have the world's most automated digital and offset printing presses, including 20", 29", and 40" models, in the pressroom. We can produce your projects most cost-effectively using these sizes. Our pressroom has die cutting, binding, finishing, and a mail room.

FAQ: Answers to Your Branding Queries 

Client Success Story

At 1014 Designs, we're passionate about crafting stories that stick. As a specialized graphic design firm, we focus on creating memorable experiences. Watch this testimonial from a Mind-Body Coaching client and see how our designs elevated their brand and resonated with their audience. If you're ready to make your brand's story just as impactful, let's connect.

Nikki Brown 1014 Designs Client-1014designs.com-Dothan-Alabama-USA

Nikki Brown

1014 Designs owner is very

professional, talented, and

well-respected in the community.

Sheretha Thomas- Clients- Graphic design-1014designs.com-dothan-alabama-USA

Sheretha Thomas

Kendrick has completed various

projects for me over the past

few years.

The Deal family-clients-Logo design-1014designs.com-Dothan-Alabama-USA

Edwin Deal

The service were outstanding

and I really liked the

graphic design I wanted

Meet Our Founder

I'm Kendrick Glover, the creative force behind 1014 Designs. My passion for graphic design is matched only by my commitment to helping businesses in the health and wellness sector thrive. For standout quality that differentiates your brand, let's start a conversation.

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We collaborate with:

  • Fitness Coaches and Personal Trainers

  • Gyms and Health Clubs

  • Wellness Centers

  • Health and Mindset Coaches

  • Interior Designers

  • Massage Therapy Practices

  • Therapists' Branding Needs

  • Spas

  • Photographers

  • And many more!

    Whether you're a small local business or a well-established name, our services are designed to elevate your brand.