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Custom business logo design

Find out how I can make your logo and brand stand out from the crowd.

Kendrick Glover - 1014 designs- Dothan

Anyone can create a "nice" logo. Making enduring brands is what I like to do. An effective logo design is powerful. Lines have an impact on emotions. Colors convey messages. Shapes can convey authority, safety, or even trust. Smart design decisions strengthen your brand and establish a connection with your target market. I create unique logos from scratch using relentless creativity, unwavering perseverance, and unbreakable 1014 strength.

3 tips on choosing the right logo designer


Figure out how much you can spend on the logo before you start the search. Always remember that the 

The more you put into it, the more you will get back. This is true

for any business investment.


Almost all companies that 

design logos, will have a website

where you can see their work. (If they don't, that is a red flag.) Check out their online

 collection of logo designs to 

see what they have done 



Get ready to talk about your

business and its history. A good logo design firm will

ask you to explain your

company's personality, tone,

and goals for the future during your first meeting with them.

FAQs about logo & brand identity projects

Attention Online Business Owners!

Are you ready to elevate your brand with a logo that truly represents your unique vision and sets you apart from the competition? Our logo design rates are tailored to fit the needs of small and online businesses like yours, ensuring you get professional quality without breaking the bank.

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What is a logo design concept? It's the blueprint of your brand's visual identity, a symbol that encapsulates your business's essence and values. By completing our questionnaire, you provide us with the vital information needed to create a concept that aligns perfectly with your business goals and aesthetic preferences.

Act now! Your brand deserves a logo that captures its spirit and communicates its message effectively. Our team is ready to translate your vision into a stunning logo design. Fill out the questionnaire and take the first step towards a brand that shines.

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Take advantage of our expertise and commitment to excellence. Fill out the logo design questionnaire now and watch your brand come to life!

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